Wedding Planning Chapter 2 – Choosing Our Wedding Date Part 1

After setting aside a basic budget, we proceeded to the next important step in planning of our wedding: choosing an auspicious wedding date! Sunshine and his father did not believe in this but both my parents and myself wanted and hence, Sunshine had no choice but to give in to us. Haha. We engaged a fengshui master to calculate a wedding date suitable for us. Long Tian Xiang 师傅, we choose you! XD

My friend was the one who recommended this fengshui master, Long 师傅 to us and after reading about people’s experiences with him online, I decided to engage his services too! Some people mentioned that he was quite rude which put them off and pushed them towards another fengshui master while those who eventually engaged him mentioned that he was very fatherly when they met up with him. As I really hoped that he could be the one calculating our date for us, I became afraid to offend him and was cautious when I called and messaged him. Luckily, he was not that rude towards me during our SMS exchanges (I feel that he used a lot of ???, !!! and ?!?! quite inappropriately but I shall give him the benefit of doubt that his command of written/typed language is not that fantastic for him to use it properly). XD Otherwise, I think he was quite professional (can tell that his messages are from a template). He requested me to send him Sunshine’s and my own Chinese names, our birth dates and times and our parents’ birth years and gave me an estimate of when he would be ready to meet us. Based on the accounts I read online, Mr Long would provide three years worth of wedding dates suitable for us based on the information we gave him, dates for guo da li 过大礼 and an chuang 安床 and some basic marriage advice. Haha. Within five days of our first contact, he messaged to inform me that he is done with our calculations and we set a date (25/9) to meet him at his home where his office is. So fast! Yay! Hehe. I have been waiting to plan my wedding for many many months now and I cannot wait to start settling some things! Haha.

~till 25/9/16! *can’t wait!*


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10 thoughts on “Wedding Planning Chapter 2 – Choosing Our Wedding Date Part 1”

  1. Hi,

    What other information does Master Long need prior to the meet up?
    As stated on your post, he will request for Chinese names, birth dates and times and parents’ birth years?

    • Hi Cheryl,

      Yup, that was what he requested from me 🙂 I am sure he would ask you other questions if he needs more information.

  2. Hi Hi,
    I am also planning my wedding and am seeking out a Feng Shui master to help calculate the date. May i get Master Long’s contact from you please?

    • Hi Genevieve!

      His contact number is 9067 5008. Master Long’s contact number is also reflected on the personalised booklet which he would give to all his couples. I have attached some photos of the booklet in my next post, Wedding Planning Chapter 2, Part 2. You can find it there!

      Have fun planning your wedding! 🙂

  3. Hi, I am also planning to go to Long Shi Fu, may I know the birthdate stat he requested is according to Chinese or English calender? hehe. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi GirlBtb!

      It’s the Gregorian/English calendar.

      I think this is a smart move because nowadays people only remember their “English birthday”. If he asked for the Chinese one, people might give him the wrong one and ask him to recalculate again, which is so troublesome. Haha.

      Have fun planning your wedding! 🙂


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