Wedding Planning Chapter 7 – Bridesmaids Choped!

As I was searching for a suitable videographer (VG) for my wedding day, I was also thinking of securing my bridesmaids! =D Sunshine does not have many friends and since I preferred to have the same number of bridesmaids and groomsmen, I thought we should have three bridesmaids and three groomsmen for our wedding! Though I still feel that this is too small a number (four or five pairs would be ideal in my opinion), Sunshine is already complaining that he cannot find three friends to be his groomsmen! Omg! Here I was, feeling sad that I cannot get some of my other close friends to be my bridesmaids and there he was stressing to find three groomsmen! I told him to go make friends in this one year but he just -.- me. Haha.

My friend who got married recently gave handmade cards, asking her friends to be her bridesmaids and sharing about the personalities of her other bridesmaids with the rest so that they know who they are working with. I personally thought it was a good idea since my younger sister (one of my bridesmaids) and my two other friends do not know one another at all. My sister may have heard their names before but making these cards was something I wanted to do for my bridesmaids.

To start, I first conceptualised what I would include in the card and the final version was: the “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” question is the first, followed by the details of Sunshine’s & My Wedding (Who, What, When, Where). I then included an individualised message for each of them, asking them to be my bridesmaid and then shared about who else they would be working with.

Chapter 7 Bridesmaids

After conceptualising, I searched online for free bridesmaid card templates. I saw quite a few pretty ones which I liked but finally decided on this. As this was in a pdf format (and hence, not able to be edited), I asked Sunshine for help. I was thinking of maybe just printing it out first then scan it back in so as to crop away the words, “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” in the middle so that I can add in whatever I wanted to add. I did not know that he could just edit the document by using some pdf editing programme! Editing the template seemed easy and much more convenient! Hence, I also requested for some variations in the flowery border of the template. Haha. In the end, we spent half a day just changing the format, adjusting the alignment, changing the font size and formatting such that it fits nicely and numerous test-printing of the documents to test the colour, alignment etc. Sunshine was going crazy just helping me with all the changes and he just muttered under his breath along the way like an old man that I do not have to do this as no one would bother, much less appreciate all the time and effort spent etc. Haha. So cute *pinch*

Chapter 7 different border
Different flower borders
Chapter 7 thank you

Finally it was all done after an afternoon of hard work! Haha. All thanks to Sunshine! *big hug*

Two of my bridesmaids were shocked when I gave them their cards. Both of them (and some of my other friends who knew I made these cards) said that they would not do this for their bridesmaids. One of my friends said that if she asked her friends to be her bridesmaids, she would just ask directly, straight to the face. This is because, they are her friends and should not even mind about the lack of cards. I agree with her point but these bridesmaid cards were just something I wanted to do for my bridesmaids lo. (I have also recently just bought coin pouches for them while out on Christmas Eve! My eventual aim is to give them each a box of goodies comprising of sweet, little things that they can use in their everyday life and I hope they would like it. =D)

Chapter 7 Photo
Photo taken by one of my bridesmaids after I had given the card to her

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