Wedding Planning Chapter 1 – Budgeting

All along, I thought the first step to planning Sunshine and my wedding would be to engage a fengshui master to calculate an auspicious date for us. This is because only after you choose your wedding date would you be able to book your banquet reception, reserve your wedding gown for that particular day, confirm your photographer, make-up artiste etc.

However, I realised I missed out the most important step before all of the planning starts! The first step to planning a wedding should be discussing with one’s significant other about their own budget for their wedding! A couple should discuss how lavish or simple they want their wedding to be, whether to invite the whole village to their banquet reception or just have an intimate gathering etc. (Of course, one should also do some basic research beforehand to find out about the prices for the various components in planning a wedding so as to budget properly). Therefore, Sunshine and I came up with a basic budget for now to estimate how much we can afford to spend for our wedding and how much we need to save for it. I will share our budget list once we have a firmer idea of how much we can and want to spend on our wedding. =)

You can come up with a budget too based on the various items that you want to include in your wedding or you can download our sample wedding budget excel sheet (FREE) by clicking on the download link below:

Download Our Free Sample Wedding Budget Excel Sheet

Here is a screenshot of ours:

Chapter 1 budget
Our wedding budget <3

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