Wedding Planning Chapter 19 – 四点金

At the 提亲 session where both Sunshine’s father and aunts met my parents and my grandmother, my mother had requested for si dian jin 四点金 to be given instead of dragon-phoenix bangles 龙凤镯 (Hokkien’s tradition). This was because I saw myself having higher chances of wearing the former than the latter after my wedding. Sunshine’s relatives wanted Sunshine to bring me to the jeweler’s to choose something I liked myself. Ever since then, I had been monitoring the price of gold. I wanted Sunshine to buy when gold prices were low. However, I had totally no idea what was considered low and what was not. Sunshine convinced me not to be bothered about it as a $1 change in per 1g of gold would not make much difference to the total price (about $20 out of Sunshine’s $5k budget). Hence, Sunshine bought the si dian jin about four months before our wedding.

Chapter 19 Poh Heng

My mum recommended Poh Heng as she trusted the brand hence I requested Sunshine to buy the gold from there. We went to the branch in Tampines Mall as my mum wanted the Capitaland Mall points. We requested to look at 24k gold pieces, as well as 18k gold pieces. As the former gold was softer, there were limited designs available as compared to the latter. However, as I wanted 24k gold sets and I saw something I liked within the available sets, I did not consider the 18k sets anymore. Out of the few 24k sets available, I liked two of them and had a really had time choosing it. In the end, between a heart-shaped set and a flower set, I got the heart-shaped set which Sunshine reluctantly chose for me (he really much preferred me to choose something I liked). Though I thought the flower set was nicer, I trusted Sunshine’s taste more. Hehe. It is quite common for me to like something Sunshine chose as opposed to something I chose after we received the things. For example, I always seemed to prefer Sunshine’s food than my own food after our orders were sent to us (somehow the things he choose just look nicer =p)

Chapter 19 Gold display 2
Chapter 19 Gold display

Once we chose the set, I looked at the individual items. On hindsight, I should have took out the ring as that was something I would likely never wear again. Sian. I changed the earrings in the set to a simpler one (still heart-shaped) which I could see myself wearing on a daily basis. After I was satisfied with the set I had, my mum’s role came into play. Hehe. She was there primarily to help us bargain for a cheaper price! I really admire her ability to bargain and slash prices. While I cannot remember how much my mum had managed to slash the prices by, I know for certain that we would definitely be paying for a much higher price had we been alone. This was because on top of the fact that I was not as good in bargaining, Sunshine would be beside me trying to dissuade me from bargaining too much. =.=” In the end, my 四点金 set costed about $4k.

Chapter 19 My si dian jin
My 四点金

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